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Works from the visual and interactive installations / performance “Exodus: an act of female heroism” at Historical Museum ” Diexodos “, Messolonghi – October 7-29, 2017

Curator: Louisa Karapidaki



On 10th December 1948 , the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed: for the first time in the history of humanity, a document concerning all the people of the world was drawn up.
Everyone of us, only due to the fact that he was born, enjoys the rights endorsed by the Declaration.
Everyone of us, regardless of the place where he was born and where he lives, enjoys these rights.
Everyone of us has civil, political, social, economical and cultural rights. Everyone of us is equal to the others.
Is it always so?
In HUMAN RIGHTS? artists speak about human rights. The title, simple and direct, without roundabout expressions, expresses the main idea which must go with everybody’s life.
In this event, uncomfortable, complex and denunciation subjects are dealt with, in order to sting the
conscience of all those who, enjoying their own rights, don’t think about all people whose rights are violated every day.

The logic of HUMAN RIGHTS? is based on the fundamental concept of art as a universal expressive form, understandable by everybody regardless of his language and culture, regardless of his gender, of the subject and of the languages used.

Languages vary depending on the artists’ experience and mastery, and they create new relationships
with the audience, who approaches art feeling immediately involved and directly concerned.
Discomfort images, violated rights images, images about everyday stories which should not exist, but even images which are able to deal with a delicate and difficult subject with wisdom and, why not, irony.
The exhibition will highlight different ways to see the matter, since the event is open to artists from all over the world. It becomes so particularly interesting to discover in which way the perception of the concept of “respect of the rights” is experienced and expressed.

The event aims to shake consciences: it deeply wants to avoid common places brought by word abuse: to speak about human rights has become so common that the words “human rights violation” are deprived of all meaning and by now they touch us only at a distance when we hear them, without getting them into our heads.

The most immediate way to retrieve that conscience, essential to be really part of a system which respects everybody’s rights, is to see with one’s eyes all that artists have to say. Images insert themselves in one’s memory in such an immediate and strong way that all those who visit it will leave it more conscious and emotionally involved.
To speak about human rights, according to artists, means to “pull out” many ideas which can’t find the space fit for the purpose in other events.
HUMAN RIGHTS? wants to be a strong signal to all the artists and to all those who will visit it.

Christina Foitou participates in the exhibition with Christos Alaveras with the projection of the performance “Human Rights?” and with the work “Human Wrongs?”.

HUMAN RIGHTS?: Old Franciscian Convent, Lecce, Italy

AUGUST 1st – 13rd 2013

From August 1st to 13rd the art exhibition – performance event “the Grey Cube” will be held in Chania, at ON Graphics in the terms of ChaniArt 2013. Christina Foitou will be participating with the projection of the “Reconstruction?” performance and the presentation of the work produced by this performance during the Art Is Hard 2013 exhibition in Thessaloniki. Από την 1 έως τις 13 Αυγούστου 2013 η ομαδική έκθεση – εικαστικές δράσεις “ο Γκρίζος Κύβος” διοργανώνεται στα Χανιά στον χώρο “ON Graphics” στο πλαίσιο του ChaniArt 2013. The rest of the participants are: Marilena Aligizaki, Katerina Androulaki, Labrini Boviatsou, Becky Campbell, Konstantin Fischer, Maria Filippakopoulou, GPO, Chara Kolaiti, Panos Kombis, James Lane, Yannis Markantonakis, Erifili Missiou, K.N. Patsios, Artemis Potamianou, Nicolas Stathopoulos, Elina Theodoropoulou.

Curator: Maria Koumianou
Research: Matina Charalambi

ΟΝ Graphics: 29 Agias Kyriakis st., Chania, Chalepa


26 – 27 – 28 APRIL 2013

Christina Foitou will be participating to the new Art is Hard Exhibition in Thessaloniki.
Art is Hard is a group exhibition with artists presenting music, performances, dance, designs, as well as traditional arts.

Art is Hard: Warehouse 9, Thessaloniki Port


Afisa PinakothikiThe second part of Chania Municipal Art Gallery’s permanent collection exhibition will be held from March 4th to April 14th 2013 with the participation of many artist.
Christina Foitou takes part with one painting.
Curatorς: Contantinos V. Proimos.
Municipal Art Gallery of Chania: 108 Halidon st., Chania


The duration of the exhibition will be from February 10th to March 6th 2013 with the participation of many artists. Christina Foitou is participating with one painting.
Curator: Ioannis N. Arhontakis. Free admission.
2 Loux: 8 Sarpidonos st., Chania


Christina Foitou participates in the group exhibition held by Myro Gallery in Thessaloniki. The Myro Gallery in a constant effort to renew visual motion and better display of artwork and its creators, announces the organization of the original project “MEET THE ARTIST”, which will take place on 21, 22 and 23 February 2013, inviting you to experience directly and unobtrusively Greek artists of every genre, style, and “school” of art. The exhibition will accommodate paintings, drawings, digital art, sculptures, installations, structures, art objects, ceramics, prints, comics, design, handmade jewelry, wall art, photography, while, as in the opening, and throughout the duration of the artists will be at the gallery and available to visitors for discussion, tour of the art and interaction, as well as information about how to obtain works, as in this project the gallery doesn’t interfere between artists and collectors and visitors can freely negotiate obtaining a work solely with the creators!
For more info on the exhibtion and the participants, please redirect to this link (only in greek).

Myrό Gallery: 8 Nikiforou Foka st., Thessaloniki, Greece, tel. (+30) 2310 269187


The art exhibition “Art against Misery” will take place at Sampionara Gate of Chania from December 13th to 20th 2013. The collected profit will be raised for the International Youth Lending Library of Chania in Splatzia and its activities, such as Greek language lessons for immigrants and book offers to the prisons of Chania. Christina Foitou is offering four of her works, entitled “Motion I-IV”.


Christina Foitou’s works “Female Parts” were chosen among others on the poster competition of Santorini Biennale of Arts.
The selected artworks will be demonstrated in 25 cities all over the wold from January 1st to March 10th 2013, as well as in Santorini island from April 20th to Septmeber 30th 2013.

More info at Santorini Biennale of Arts Website.

Photographer Michalis Kalaitzakis caught with his camera Christina Foitou’s performance with Natalia Partheniou. His work was published on the art blog “Monoblog”.

To see the full publication, please redirect to the website: